Recent Projects

I dabble in a lot of things, and I'm currently focusing on making web-based applications to further my research in digital media. I can do other things, too... just have a little look around.

Some of the videos I've created live on vimeo. Each video in this sampler was created with different techniques, but all were made with Adobe Creative Cloud products (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier, and After Effects). Check out my vimeo page here!

This is my newest project: tinyTown

backgroundNoise is a handy little website I created which simultaneously plays 3 YouTube videos, sharing the work of multiple people at once. The two outer videos play sound, while the middle video is silent. Having these three videos displayed together offers a unique twist on the traditional music video. This page allows me to load the page and have some background music while I study.

Anonymously Speaking is a Google Chrome extension which replaces author names on news websites with "By: Anonymous". I wanted to see if the consumption of information was affected in any way when the author's name was obscured.

Below are some page tweeks that I did based off of varying concepts. With iNASA, I was envisioning a global space program -- together we can! The entire page, including the logo I made, is based off of the current NASA website. Deke Weaver's performance page was a concept idea for a future performance of his (and it was just fun to mess with his webpage). Finally, the Google page was a funny tongue-in-cheek concept of what information Google will ask for in the future.

This poster was a collaborative effort between myself and two others.
We also designed and created a coordinating website.

On the left is a poster created to promote the move A Clockwork Orange during the Texas Monthly Rolling Roadshow at the Alamo Drafthouse and Cinema. On the right is a festival poster I made for the 2017 Morton Pumpkin Festival. Both of these posters are currently featured in the Parkland College Graphic Design Illustration Gallery, and both were shown at the 2017 Parkland College Graphic Design Student Show.

Below is my AFA Art + Design Portfolio